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The item or items you would like to send can be posted to our home address. For more information contact us at or call 01446 789084 (Mon-Fri, 0930-1500) and we can help you with what you need. Alternatively, for local drop offs, please ring for directions to our home workshop in Gileston; visits are by appointment only until further notice.

Order online with additional services

Same as the above get in contact and we can sort it out for you

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Call or email us (01446 789084 or and we can discuss your needs

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Summary of Charges
Prices from figure shown, contact us for exact cost for individual items

DCC Ready Locos

Service Price From
Standard DCC Fit (Chip not included) £ 10.00
Supply Chip and DCC Fit    £ 25.00
DCC Sound Fit Diesel (Chip not included)  £ 15.00
DCC Sound Fit Steam (Chip not included) £ 20.00
DCC Sound Fit Diesel + Stay Alive* (Chip Included) £ 145.00
DCC Sound Fit Steam + Stay Alive* (Chip Included) £ 150.00

 *Not available in all locomotives

Non DCC Ready Locos   

Standard DCC Fit (Chip not included)  £ 15.00
Supply Chip and DCC Fit  £ 30.00
DCC Sound Fit Steam (Chip not included) £ 30.00
DCC Sound Fit Diesel (Chip not included) £ 25.00
DCC Sound Fit Diesel (Chip Included) £ 150.00
DCC Sound Fit Steam (Chip Included)  £ 155.00








Detailing                                                                  FROM

Interior Lighting Fit   (Carriages)                                                £ 25.00

Interior Lighting Fit with DCC Chip     (Carriages)                     £ 32.50

Add passengers                                                                         £ 10.00

Add Crew                                                                                   £ 4.00

Add Coal                                                                                    £ 3.00

Add Lamps (Non Working)                                                        £ 3.00

Add Lamp Working, Headlight                                                  £ 14.50

Loco Light Fitting (Diesel)                                                         £ 25.00

Add passengers & interior lights (Coach Only)                         £ 35.00

Project Work                                                                              Call for Quote

Bespoke Work (Control Panel etc)                                            Call for Quote

If you have any questions or would like to book a time slot to drop you items in to us then please get in touch! Contact Us