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DCC Sound Projects

DCC, Sound, Lights and other detailing
Hornby Sentinel with Lights and Sound

This took a while but was well worth it!

This loco is fitted with:​​​​​​​

  • Working Head and Tail Lights
  • Crew/Driver

£45 total

28 August Lynton and Barnstaple Locomotive

Another good fun project and something I need to do with my model now!

This fab loco has been fitted with:

  • New sound chip
  • Working Head and Tail Lights

Quite fiddly to fit but a great looking loco

£160 for the sound, fitting and the Head and Tail Lights

E4 with Sound and a few special extras

Taking things to the max with this one. If you are looking for additional features then this is it! This E4 has:

  • Sound fitted with Stay Alive Capacitor for flawless sound
  • Working Headlamps
  • Fitted Crew
  • Firebox Glow

While it does take a little more time the end result is worth it! Now back with its owner I think I ll do this to mine when I get round to it.
Sound with Stay Alive £135
Headlamps £14.50
Firebox Glow £10
Crew £2.50

08 Shunter with Youchoos sound and GLR weathering

Another nice loco and even better with the addition of sound! All the usual features with this:

  • Fantastic Youchoos Sound recording
  • Stay Alive fitted
  • Sugarcube Speaker

Also I thought this would benefit from a bit of grubbying up, so it has been weathered to look like it has had a hard few weeks (or maybe months!)

Weathering from £25 a loco
Sounf Fitting £130 including speaker and stay alive

Sound Fitting the Hornby Peckett

In this video you can see the recently fitted Hornby Peckett (this one belongs to me and not a customer so I get to keep it for once!!!). Youchoos sound is my preferred choice now for all sounds, the features on the chip along with the sound quality make it the best around.

Also there is a loco crew fitted as I hate seeing ghost trains running around layouts!

If you are looking for sound fitting and detailing drop me a line at sales@glrailways.com or call on 07707413440.

For this I charge around £130 (depending on the loco and time taken and speaker needed this could be plus or minus £10)

New Vehicle in the Range

This Police Camera Van is the latest vehicle to be added to the range.
Featuring Flashing Headlights and roof lights, everything is contained inside the vehicle and is ready to place on any layout.

Mersyside Police Van £24.95

Also in the background is a Bachmann Autocoach lightly weathered, with a compliment of passengers, working head lamp and interior lighting. All controlled via a DCC chip.

GLR Vehicle Demo Board

This is one of our demo boards showing some of our vehicles in action.

There are the ambulances which are fitted with flashing lights and are battery powered so can be placed on any layout and easily turned on and off.
Also a new product we recently completed are the roadwork cones with flashing amber lights. These comes as a ready to place kit and requires only minimal wiring to setup.

Available to Purchase direct from our web shop our in our loco Model Shop at Lord and Butler in Cardiff.

Oxford London/Welsh Ambulance £29.95

GLR Flashing Road Cone Pack (5 cones) £17.50​​​​​​​