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New Products coming soon and GMRC Season 2

There is an exciting range of new products being set up in our show room and will also feature on the website, these include:


009 RTR and kit locos by Bingley Works

009 RTR and kit Rolling Stock

Blocksignalling control components

DCC Concepts

Animated Figures

Remote Control OO Vehicles

and many more!


Also in the news is the next series of the Great Model Railway Challenge will air from 30th August this year, and I will feature in it on one of the teams! Keep an eye out for us!! More to follow

New Site for GLR!

So why have we been so quiet over the last month or so, well we have been planning a move to a new large workshop in Barry. After a lot of hardwork we have now moved in!!!

We have a large workshop area to work on multiple projects at once, dedicated chipping and weathering areas and a small showroom of some of the special things we do. It isn’t all set up yet but will come together over the next few weeks.

Also we have new staff in the team, Martin is our new Workshop Engineer, specialising in N Gauge and Tom is our new electronics wiz building the flashing light vehicles.

Check out the youtube channel along with our facebook page for more updates!

More to follow


Current Projects

Lots of current projects, will be doing a big update on those soon.

Due to the high workload we have a 2 month lead time to start any new projects, check back here for more news soon



All Archived news from old site

New TTS Chips now in Stock
Check the chips page for more!
Latest News 28.07.18
Check out the video over on my Youtube channel with the latest goings on at GLR with a special look at some of the Sound chips currently available
Latest News 06.07.18
So what has been happening at GLR in the last few months? Have a look below to see:

Exhibitions at Ludlow Race Course and Llanciaich Fawr Manor
Customer Layout Delivery
A Start on our own O Gauge Layout


We were invited with the newly extended Hafod Parkway to Ludlow Racecourse for its first outing as a 20ft layout. It performed well but we definitely needed more operators!!!
Its next outing is in October for the Swansea Model Railway Show

Llanciaich Fawr Manor
This show we took our demo O gauge line called The Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited along with the trade stand where it was very well received. The show went very well and we are taking the layout and stand out again 13-15 July for the Barry and Penarth MRC 40th anniversary show

Customer Layout Delivery

A long standing customer recently had his layout extended and it was delivered in 3 pieces to his house in England. A double track N gauge mainline which we originally overhauled and converted to digital, it now has a country extension with 2 new stations, loops, a lock and grand viaduct. A few more tweaks to make now it is in place, then on to his other layout!

Our own O Gauge Exhibition Layout

Recently a friend of mine gave me the start of an O gauge layout under the proviso I would pick it up (luckily I have the van!). Its 20ft long and depicts a single line country station with round round loop, bay, sidings and shed area. All track hand built! The only thing it needed was a fiddle yard and I happen to have a spare board lying around.

Latest News 15.04.18
Wow, a month since the last update!

So what is new:

Gileston Light Railway
Customer Projects
Hafod Parkway Build
Workshop Refurb

Gileston Light Railway
So with a bit of recent nice weather I spent some time outside clearing the line and even managed to steam up Sweet Pea! Following the recent garage conversion there has been a lot of wood off cuts around which have all been loaded to the open wagon and stored in the stock storage area. Also the line and station have had a good sweep, the platform had some rotten wood replaced and some weeds removed. A plan has been devised to lift the track in the platform area and re lay it with a smoother layout.

Customer Projects
3 layouts in the last 3 weeks! 2 now with their new owners and one currently being worked on, see pictures —->

Hafod Parkway
Finally got the new board out and being worked on. Not many weeks to the next show!

Final news is that the workshop has finished its major refurb and is looking pretty tidy! See news vid for more


Latest News 11.03.18
So another few weeks have passed and there are a lot of new things going on!

In this update:

  • Class 153 in GWR update
  • New Vehicles with flashing lights
  • Exhibitions
  • Current Projects

Class 153 in GWR

Finally all the paints, transfers and sound chips have arrived!
I expect to start the reprays in the next week and they will soon be winging their ways to all of you who pre ordered one!

New Vehicles

With the success of the Ambulances, Fire Engines, Police and Utility Vehicles it is time to do more! Already added to the range are:

  • New RAC Van
  • Fire utility Van

Still to come are:

  • New Police vehicles (Surprise!)
  • A HGV with hazard lights
  • A breakdown truck with hazard lights and roof bar

So watch this space! Don’t forget I can also retrofit any current models you have too!


We are booked in to attend the following shows so far this year:

Ludlow Race Course with Hafod Parkway and trade stand with new extension on 5th May
Llancaiach Fawr with O Gauge demo line and trade stand on 12th May
Swansea Model Show with Hafod Parkway and trade Stand on 6-7 October

Current Projects 

In the next few days I will put a video up showcasing the current projects

Latest News  18.02.18
Another busy month with many layouts built, worked on and planned to be built!
Check out the weekly update on youtube or see it opposite —–>>

Class 153 GWR Special
The first one is now complete and I am happy with most of it (there are a few things I need to correct for the rest so I am keeping the first as mine!). They will all be started in the coming week and should be ready for the first part of March. Out of the 6 I have planned only 1 is left to order as the others are spoken for already! I may look to doing a second batch if there is further interest in it.

Sound Fitting
Due to the popularity of the TTS Sound Decoders (and the price!!) I am now able to supply these for fitting in locomotives as well as the Youchoos Decoders.
My take on the 2 types is this, if you are looking for a lot of sound locomotives at a low price and are not to worried about advanced driving features, chuff sync (steam engines) and a few other minor things then go for the TTS Sound. If you want more features such as braking, multiple active sounds, specific to loco sounds, wheel sync, stay alive and so on go for the You choos Sounds (My prefered Sound!!!)

TTS Sound
Chip and Fitting from £50
Upgraded (and vastly superior speaker) from + £7

Chip and fitting from £125 (includes stay alive in 8 and 21 pin chips)

News  22.01.18
Its been a while since the last update so here goes!

O Gauge Layout
Over Christmas we completed the O gauge demo layout we have been working on for a while and it saw its first outing at the Lord and Butler Small Model Railway Show in Cardiff. We powered it with the Bachmann Dynamis and Rail controller so it would operate by itself while we spoke to people. It was very well received especially the smoke and working signals.
See it at the Show HERE and a quick run HERE in the workshop

Flashing Vehicles
In other news there have been more vehicles added to the flashing vehicle range, including HGVs with hazard lights, Ford Anglia Panda car with flashing roof light and Emergency Paramedic Car with flashing roof lights. See here for more.

N Gauge Sound
Recently been fitting a lot more N Gauge Locos with sound and have started collecting them now too! Here is Cranmore Hall with added sound (see opposite), this one is also for sale, £225 brand new ready to go. See HERE to buy it.

N Gauge American Project
One of our most recent projects is a large American N Gauge layout. I will be taking pictures over its construction and posting on here so you can see its progress. For now here is the track plan to see. It will be completely digital with a central control panel and have some interesting running lines.

News 16.12.17
Here we have a new layout, with a brand new loft conversion what better than to fill it with a line! Recently we installed this and as you can see before it was fully in trains appeared! Its a great size, 12ft x 12ft x 12ft as it is a horse shoe shape. We have already been asked to extend it and in the new year dumbells will be added either end to allow for return loopsOn the right is a longterm project from my first customer, the current phase sees the completion of an extended upper platform giving storage for full length HSTs and the like

Dont forget to enter the Christmas competition to win a GLR wagon in N, OO or O Gauge. All you have to do is like and share the post on the facebook page HERE or email me at sales@glrailways.com with Name and Gauge. Draw to take place on the 24th December.

Projects galore! 28.11.17
So its been a while since the last update, this is due to me being away for 2 weeks, now I am back and hard at it. There are many projects on the go and new ones to be started.One of the larger long term projects is a cracking HO gauge layout. it fills a loft and must be nearly 30ft long by 15 wide. The latest addition has been a custom control panel for the customer to control their soon to be hidden fiddle yard. It features route selection by pressing a single button on any of the loop lines. This sets all points correctly and lights up when complete (see video). Also there are red LEDs at the ends of each loop. These light when a loco approaches the end so you know to stop it and it is in the loop. Finally it has a set of warning lights that flash to let you know when a train is crossing the point work. All of this is digital and powered by a Signatrak Tower Master.

Also on the go:
My first ever customers layout has being extended with a 4 track, 2 platform station, which is also raised over a Scalextric!
No automatic alt text available.  Image may contain: outdoor

New Layout Build before Christmas, pictures to follow, but it will be a nice 6×4 layout just in time for Christmas!

Lots of Loco Chipping, notably a cracking O Gauge Warship, video to follow tomorrow along with much more!

Swansea Show
Our Trade Stand nearly setup                     And Hafod Parkway ready to run!
Last weekend we attended the Swansea Model Railway Show at Swansea Leisure Centre, taking with us a trade stand to show off our work and our exhibition layout Hafod Parkway.

A very tiring but fantastic time, lots of favourable comments on the layout and many enquiries for our services to!

The layout has received several invites to further shows next year, we will be appearing at the Cardiff Small Model Railway Show in January with our O gauge demo line…..

Project News 14th August 2017
Open Day 26 August 2017

The recent open day was a great success, so much so I didn’t have much time to take photos, I did manage to get a video of me travelling up the line late in the afternoon.

A fab time with everyone helping out, especially my Mum, baking many cakes and supplying everyone with copious amounts of Tea and Coffee!

Lance was busy all day showing people round the workshop, dioramas, layout and the G Gauge kindly brought by Howard

A real treat here is this 1960s Hornby 00 Gauge Stephensons Rocket. A fantastic model and one I was pleased to have as a challenge to enhance with sound, coal and a crew.

Also to improve the running quality I have added pickups to the tender wheels so it now has 8 wheel pickup. here is a short video of it running.

Latest News from GLR on our projects and other events. In this video:

A look around the workshop
O Gauge locos in for fitting with sound
Oxford Rail Dean Goods with sound and smoke

The Dean Goods is now available to buy direct from Lord and Butler Model Railways in Cardiff.

Give Peter a Call on 02920 667225 or email info@lordandbutler.com for more details

Dean Goods with sound and smoke fitted £229.95!!

DCC Sound Projects

DCC, Sound, Lights and other detailing
Hornby Sentinel with Lights and Sound

This took a while but was well worth it!

This loco is fitted with:​​​​​​​

  • Working Head and Tail Lights
  • Crew/Driver

£45 total

28 August Lynton and Barnstaple Locomotive

Another good fun project and something I need to do with my model now!

This fab loco has been fitted with:

  • New sound chip
  • Working Head and Tail Lights

Quite fiddly to fit but a great looking loco

£160 for the sound, fitting and the Head and Tail Lights

E4 with Sound and a few special extras

Taking things to the max with this one. If you are looking for additional features then this is it! This E4 has:

  • Sound fitted with Stay Alive Capacitor for flawless sound
  • Working Headlamps
  • Fitted Crew
  • Firebox Glow

While it does take a little more time the end result is worth it! Now back with its owner I think I ll do this to mine when I get round to it.
Sound with Stay Alive £135
Headlamps £14.50
Firebox Glow £10
Crew £2.50

08 Shunter with Youchoos sound and GLR weathering

Another nice loco and even better with the addition of sound! All the usual features with this:

  • Fantastic Youchoos Sound recording
  • Stay Alive fitted
  • Sugarcube Speaker

Also I thought this would benefit from a bit of grubbying up, so it has been weathered to look like it has had a hard few weeks (or maybe months!)

Weathering from £25 a loco
Sounf Fitting £130 including speaker and stay alive

Sound Fitting the Hornby Peckett

In this video you can see the recently fitted Hornby Peckett (this one belongs to me and not a customer so I get to keep it for once!!!). Youchoos sound is my preferred choice now for all sounds, the features on the chip along with the sound quality make it the best around.

Also there is a loco crew fitted as I hate seeing ghost trains running around layouts!

If you are looking for sound fitting and detailing drop me a line at sales@glrailways.com or call on 07707413440.

For this I charge around £130 (depending on the loco and time taken and speaker needed this could be plus or minus £10)

New Vehicle in the Range

This Police Camera Van is the latest vehicle to be added to the range.
Featuring Flashing Headlights and roof lights, everything is contained inside the vehicle and is ready to place on any layout.

Mersyside Police Van £24.95

Also in the background is a Bachmann Autocoach lightly weathered, with a compliment of passengers, working head lamp and interior lighting. All controlled via a DCC chip.

GLR Vehicle Demo Board

This is one of our demo boards showing some of our vehicles in action.

There are the ambulances which are fitted with flashing lights and are battery powered so can be placed on any layout and easily turned on and off.
Also a new product we recently completed are the roadwork cones with flashing amber lights. These comes as a ready to place kit and requires only minimal wiring to setup.

Available to Purchase direct from our web shop our in our loco Model Shop at Lord and Butler in Cardiff.

Oxford London/Welsh Ambulance £29.95

GLR Flashing Road Cone Pack (5 cones) £17.50​​​​​​​

Hafod Parkway

Gileston Light Railway Summer News

Finally an update for the railway!! 21.05.2018
So here we are, Summer is here and the railway
has woken up again! First things first, clear the
line. Here are several photos showing the line
being cleared of weeds using a short weed train
to transport all the weeds and clippings.Next the fishplates all needed checking and
tightening, any loose rails adjusting and a good
walk around to ensure all is ready for the first run
of the year!Finally at the end of the day I was able to sit back
and cruise around through Gileston and down to
Willow View along all of the line. More to follow
​​​​​​​soon including info on our next OPEN DAY!!!!

2018 Round up

What a year it has been! Here are some of the highlights:

Revamped GLR – the business and the big railway

This year the railway has seen a big change in so far as a new station canopy has been built on the station platform and attached to the workshop. This was to allow for several things, first to make the station look more like a station, second to give shelter to the platforms and the lines, and thirdly to provide an outdoor space to work under for larger projects.

You may notice that there is not any track in this picture. That is because I had the great idea of re laying this part of the line as it had several kinks in it. Easy to take up and has only just been relaid back down again. The line that curves around to the left of the workshop is to be lifted as it doesn’t get used anymore due to the tree growing rather large! During the summer the cats decided that the line was an ideal place to sit as can be seen!!


As of November GLR Bespoke Services became a Limited company and also took on its first staff! This was a great step to be taking and it shows that things are going pleasingly well. With several new customers and contracts for the new year it is an exciting time!


Recently we had an open day which went well despite it being a bit wet. We are looking at having an open day in the Spring and having the full line operating.



There have been many projects this year from single locos to full layout builds and everything in between:

Shows for GLR

GLR will be attending the following shows with its trade stand and the layout listed:


Cardiff Small Model Railway Show 26th January  with The Merionedd and Llantisilio Rail traction Company Ltd. which is our O gauge Demo Layout.

Martyn Parry Model Railway Show in Llanciaich Fawr Manor in May with Hafod Parkway

Barry and Penarth MRC St Cyres School in July with Gileston Quay Side

Swansea Model Railway Show in October with Gileston Quay Side

News Feed Changed

I have finally gotten around to adding a new feature, that being the news update tool to make it quicker and easier for me to add news!! More to follow