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2018 Round up

What a year it has been! Here are some of the highlights:

Revamped GLR – the business and the big railway

This year the railway has seen a big change in so far as a new station canopy has been built on the station platform and attached to the workshop. This was to allow for several things, first to make the station look more like a station, second to give shelter to the platforms and the lines, and thirdly to provide an outdoor space to work under for larger projects.

You may notice that there is not any track in this picture. That is because I had the great idea of re laying this part of the line as it had several kinks in it. Easy to take up and has only just been relaid back down again. The line that curves around to the left of the workshop is to be lifted as it doesn’t get used anymore due to the tree growing rather large! During the summer the cats decided that the line was an ideal place to sit as can be seen!!


As of November GLR Bespoke Services became a Limited company and also took on its first staff! This was a great step to be taking and it shows that things are going pleasingly well. With several new customers and contracts for the new year it is an exciting time!


Recently we had an open day which went well despite it being a bit wet. We are looking at having an open day in the Spring and having the full line operating.



There have been many projects this year from single locos to full layout builds and everything in between:

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